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Wet passenger side floor when it rains on my 2008 RAV4 limited

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When it rains I find water on the passenger side floor of my 2008 RAV4. I can see water on top of the drain tube cover as well and my cabin air filter is also wet.

I took it to the dealer and they cleaned my AC drain tube which make no sense because its way to cold for AC to even be on to condensate.

Next they said they removed the cowling under the wipers and said the found nothing there as well.....hmm.....and a $150 bill of course.

I check the sunroof....it drains well....np there either. The front window has never been replace and looks ok to me.

My thoughts (my guess really) is the water is getting under the cowling and dipping into compartment below, goes through the cabin air filter(hence, its wet).

Then finds a path to drip on my carpet.

anyone else? ideas?


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