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Wiper motor Toyota iq

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does anyone know how to remove the back panel to access the rear wiper blade motor, I’ve checked the fuses which were a pain to get to on the left passenger side, but it was all intact. When the wiper blade selection is made on the paddle for different speed I can hear a ticking noise from the rear. 

so I’m not sure if it’s the motor gone or it’s just been unclipped, it happened when the rear wiper blade was changed but it wasn’t the right size as the spoiler came in the way. So it got stuck. 

so if anyone can advise on how to remove the back panel so I can inspect the wiper blade motor.

ive called Toyota and asked them how Judy they charge and they told me £214 excluding fitting. 

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Hi, there is an excellent thread on this forum called 'An IQ called Toya'. In that thread the member mentions about changing the wiper arm rubber seals. I recently did mine with the help of the section in that thread. May I suggest you have a read through and you will come across the section re gaining access to the wiper mechanism. When I changed the rubber seals, (they had perished), the most difficult thing I found was re attaching the two plastic trim panels at the corner of the windscreen. There were two small sticky pads holding the top of the trim pieces in place in addition to them simply clipping back in. I used a small blob of clear silicon to to the job in the end. I didn't need any special tools to be able to do the whole job. My comment is on page 11 of that thread. I had to remove the black plastic panel in order to change the wiper arm seals. Before you start your job, have a look at your seals, while you have it apart, it could be a wise move to replace them at the same time.

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