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Coolant for import 2004 2.4 petrol auto Toyata Estima

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Hi all.

I have Japanese 2004 2.4ltr petrol auto Toyota Estima.

Not sure if it takes red or blue coolant.  Get conflicting info from Toyota.  They say pink for uk cars.  Then another chap said blue for imports.  

Putting reg in euro car parts the blue came up so I bought it and tipped 400ml in to the reservoir.  But then I realised it looked like it had pink in there before.

What is the correct coolant to use for 2AZ- FE engine?  And what should I do now that I have a bit of both in the reservoir?

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Toyota introduced the pink Super Long Life coolant in 2003/04 - so your dealer was correct. Having said that, what colour is the coolant currently in the car?

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I believe it was pink but couldn't tell.  I've only put 400ml of blue coolant. A garage said it will be fine and not to worry.

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On 12/30/2020 at 2:33 PM, Abs2004 said:

 I've only put 400ml of ready mixed blue coolant. No water added.

I am unsure whether the blue would mix well with Toyota red, but water makes it crystallise so be mindful of that when you check the system.

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