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Find my car - My T app

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I was sold my new C-HR and told the My T app incorporates a "find my car" function that can be used if the car is stolen.

Whenever I use this function on the app it finds MY location via my phone but not the location of my car.  They only way I can find the location of my car is if I register it's current location, however this is static and does not change.  Handy if you forget where you have parked but not functional if the car has been stolen.

I took it back to the Toyota Dealership and they said I need to book it in with the service department.  

Does the anti-theft function exist and work or have been lead along a merry dance by a sales rep?

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Two issues:

1. Current C-HR does not have e-call SOS function which is required for the automated find my car function, as its the e-call that pings it's location.

2. Even with e-call the system currently can only give a location when car is switched off, it does not include real time location.

In this instance the sale person has given you features your car does not include.

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I personally don't consider it an anti-theft/tracker more of a remembering where I parked feature.

As far as i've seen and am aware the car is recording it's location via the GPS (regardless of whether you use nav or not).  if your car is registered for online services and logged in on the car to Toyota (with your account) and in the myT app (with the same account) the car will upload telemetry (speed/location/driving style etc) to Toyota and the car's last location when you turned it off and this will be available in myT.

For this to work as an anti-theft it would need a permanent data connection to upload it's location.  For example your car is stolen somewhere in Scotland and then parked up in Leeds, there is no way for your car to upload it's last location in Leeds unless the thieves stole your phone, which i'll be honest is a little far fetched (but i suppose a possible scenario).

For you to have a recovery of a stolen vehicle you'd need a third party installed tracker.

I'm sure others will correct me if i've not understood.

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Ok thanks guys

TBH this was the same sales person who 

A) told me she'd driven 400 miles on £20 of fuel in her Toyota Corolla Hybrid

B) the B setting on the gear stick was for "Boost" - I now know from reading the manual it means engine Braking

C) let me walk out after signing paperwork believing I was getting the full value of my car as cash back, when in fact the finance calculation and monthly repayments had been based on using the FULL amount of my part ex (£9500) as downpayment 

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