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Upgrade heater controls to digital one?

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Hi everyone,

I have a 2015 Aygo X-Cite but it sadly has the "knob" controlled heater controls. I have seen on the higher spec models they have the digital controls, I was wondering if these are changable if so how easy and has anyone done this?


I have attatched some pictures of my current controls compared to the upgraded ones.





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The digital controls are part of the climate control system fitted to higher spec Aygos, rather than the manual air con in your car. 

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In a word NO, it's been asked a few times its dashboard out, remove the heater box to fit the climate one, swap out the dash loom configure the ecu, bcm and power management ecu among a list as long as your arm


yes its very much integrated into the car

just an example............. (from the IQ)





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