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O2-sensor issue.

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I have a 2005 Avensis , 2 liter petrol engine. 

The check engine light came on and it threw the P0135 code - heater circuit malfunction. I bought a new o2-sensor (Delphi, which btw had approx 12cm longer wire). Now the P0135 is gone, but immediately it threw the P0133 - cirquit slow response and P0134-code - no activity detected. I havent done further troubleshooting. Have I recieved a faulty or incompatible sensor? 

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Hi there. Maybe the car doesn't like that O2 sensor. Some ECU's are extremely annoyed by some sensor data. I had a P0133 with a new meat&doria O2 sensor and the sensor died a few months later. Replaced with Denso O2 sensors. All ok 'till today

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