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Alternator removal. 2011 Avensis 2.2 D4D Estate with 98500 recorded miles.

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Hi all and a Happy new Year.

Looks like first job on my Avensis for 2021 is the alternator. Never a problem in the past 3 years + I have owned it until Battery warning light came on the dash a couple of days ago. Thankfully I was only a mile from home as I lost the power steering and dash lit up like our Christmas tree. Limped home and checked alternator drive belt was fine, which was renewed a year ago. Fully charged the Battery and car starting and running fine apart from Battery light still staying on. Looks like alternator due for a recon. My question is there any 'best way' to remove the alternator as it is in a very inaccessible location. I do have a trolley jack and full tool kit. Unfortunately my Mk2 Jaguar which I am restoring is on my garage lift and currently can not be removed.

Any responses will be greatly appreciated.


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The driveshaft needs to be removed to allow alternator to drop down. To much hassle on driveway just went local garage they charged £285 which included a recon alternator.

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