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hello all

i found this forum when googling this morning.

my issue is with the radio in my partners car. i think its probably the quietest radio ive ever heard in a vehicle, and ive been around for a few years.

its adequate for listening to the radio, but even at full volume i dont have to raise my voice hardly at all to be heard.

the car has satnav and a reversing camera. and the software version on the radio is 6.7.0 wl.

so my questions are-

is the shockingly low volume correct?

if yes, and it is not fixable, can i buy a better quality sound system that would just be a simple swap out without any rewiring and would keep the satnav/camera features?

thank you 


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First off check the balance and fader settings 60/40 or 70/30 to the front is ideal as you want the sound stage up front

You can also do a speaker test in the hidden menu - diagnostics check - SPTest

Hidden menu

Press and hold the Car button (Holding the Setup button instead takes you into the full diagnostics check)
Turn the headlights on and off 3 times



Press the Vol/Power button, so it displays Audio Off
Press the MENU button

Touch «Display»
Touch «Screen off»

Quickly press ">" 5 times  and immediately press "<", 5 times

turn the ignition off to exit the menu


iirc 6.9.0 WL is the latest free update for the nav log in or setup an account on My Toyota -  top right, click on My Toyota - My Vehicle then add a car and/or click Register my multimedia

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thank you for the replies folks.

im not with my partner at present, thanks to work. i will try your advice once i have access to the car again.

i have no idea if the car has a jbl upgrade, it was brought second hand.


other than the stereo, my partner has been very pleased with the car. 

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my partner has a 66 plate with the touch 2 audio

unfortunately i hear when she comes home

with a low dum dum dum dum noise

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just a quick update-

had a look at the radio today and managed to find the fader after a bit of head scratching. for some reason it was set to +5 rear. i changed it to +4 front and it made a massive difference to the volume. hopefully it will be loud enough for my partners podcasts now.


thank you once again for the help.

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