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RAV4 Move from Netherlands to UK

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Hello all, 

Unfortunately the time has come to part ways with my RAV4. The problem is, I'm in The Hague and the car is RHD UK registered. It's out of MOT as I can't take the trip back to get it all sorted.

I need to get it on the ferry to Hull, or at least the UK somewhere and I can take care of the rest. 

I wonder if anyone can offer some advice/help? Great luck if you happen to be passing this way with an empty low loader 😉


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Some car ferry companies do an unaccompanied vehicle service.  You drop it off at their reception at the port, and arrange its collection at the other end.  Now that Brexit has done away with the UK participation in the EU VAT system (or so I assume), you may need to provide UK Customs with proof that UK VAT was paid on the vehicle.  The V5 and sales invoice ought to suffice.


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Thanks for the reply... apparently I will have to do some kind of Safety and Security declaration but I'm not quite clear on how this is done without registering with HMRC. I just spoke to DFDS and they can take it from Amsterdam to Newcastle, but need to sort the paperwork 😞


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