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Thank you ToC and DIY question

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So thought I would say thank you all. I had the trilights of ECL+VSC+4WD fault. Google searched and up you all came. I don’t have an obd reader but I do have at home cover breakdown. So called them out. My RAV had the P0400 come up. So like a previous forum said. EGR. 
The breakdown guy was totally amazing. Put a blanking plate over to get me to a garage and the lights all went out. 

I bought a RAV4 after my old 2.2 Saab went to its maker and I needed 4x4 and reliable as my mum is stage 4 and I’m her only source of provisions

I flipping love this car. It makes me smile. Every time I get into it. 

I have a 2006 XT4 D4D 2.2. So I’ll now be looking at getting an EGR. 

Who makes them for Toyota? and are they easy to fit on your own?

 Can I clean the old one and keep it as a spare?


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