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1998 Toyota Hilux Surf 4Runner Gen 3 KZN185    

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Happy New Year To You All,    

1998 Toyota Hilux Surf 4Runner Gen 3 KZN185    

I've been doing a few little jobs on my Surf in December 2020. I fitted a Tow Bar, because I like tow bars. It's a different tow bar to the one on my Toyota Land Cruiser Prado which I've owned for 20 years and great for towing caravans. I've changed the engine Oil and filter on the Surf too.    It was nice using my new 1/2" Socket Wrench, Turning the Red handle with hand and wrist turns the socket. Good for Tight Spaces.    

So now I want to change the Gearbox Oil on the Surf. But I've not done it before. I've changed the gearbox Oil on my old Triumph Stag.    

I've read in my Max Ellery manual (page 237) I need to get this Oil ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron III  

But how much Oil should I get ?  Does it require a filter change ?    

While on the subject of the Surf Auto Gearbox, when I put it into Drive, It jolts a bit, I don't feel this with the Land Cruiser Auto Gearbox.  Is this adjustable or is it normal ?  






new wrench.jpg

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