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Hi I am new to forum I have a lovely RAV4 2.2 litre says dcat on side. I live in Cyprus and am about to take my Rav to the mountains in the snow. I haven’t driven in snow since I left the U.K. 13 years ago where I drove a Land Rover discovery. How do I know if my baby (called Polly don’t ask) is in 4 wheel drive there is a button but the light goes off very fast any help appreciated. 

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Hi and welcome to the club🙂🚗

When driving in snow 4x4 awd 4wd are not important, winter tyres or good all season (all weather tyres) with peak mountain symbols on the side walls of the tyres, this is important. I don’t know what drive train is your RAV4 but having relayed only on its 4x4 system may take you into a lot of trouble. Check your tyres the most, then you can look at the car owners manual for information how your car system works.
Drive safe. 👍




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Welcome to the forum .Yes winter tyres make a hell of a difference I had a rav 4 T180 2.2 D Cat that button you refer to locks the vehicle into permanent 4 wheel drive in case you get stuck however it disengages above 30 mph for fuel economy the 4x4 system works by distributing drive to whichever axle is looseing grip most of the time it is in front wheel drive

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Hi Laura,

You can see underneath my jet photo what I drive, which should be very near to your model.  You do not say if yours is manual or auto multi drive like mine.  I think my multi drive is superb but I have driven a manual once and if anything you have more control with the manual.  However you can use a multi drive on paddle control from the steering wheel or via the gearbox stick like the easy-tonic Vauxhall system.  Myself I let the multi drive call the shots as Toyota engineering is the best I have ever driven !  You are in 4 wheel drive all the time even without the lock button pushed in.  It's brain is getting feedback from each wheels slip/rotation sensor and will divert the power to suit the slippage signals.  You should not press the lock button above 25mph says your Toyota manual.  Frankly if you are going more than 25 mph on snow and ice you need to enter the world rally championship and buy a Corolla (just joking)!  My mates wife has a grey dcat and goes up and down the winter's snow covered hills in Sheffield without a worry and without the lock engaged on 235 road tyres.  Don't forget you have your incline control button to.   If you want to do ice and snow a lot and can afford a set of pure off road tyres and wheels that's the way to go if you live in a mountainous location.  However on tarmac these off road tyres are noisey and will not give you the grip of road profiles.  I'm liesurly looking for 4 second hand 18 inch wheels.  Some of the focus ones look like they may fit but I would have to check.   Some steels would be ok with second hand off road tyres or cheap new ones.  I have a two ton trolley jack so changing them set for set, would not be much of a faff for me, but a real grind with the standard boot Jack.   Rav4's will never be Defenders but i would class them as a poor mans Landcriuser.  Go for it and have fun.  Cheers

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