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2006 2.2D Update on my EGR terraclean

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Hi all

 ignore the below  just found out that I have a terra clean place down the road from me  so I’ll let you all know how it goes. Assuming we ain’t plunged into another full lockdown


 so I had the usual loss of power. EML VSC 4WD warnings. 
low power. Then drive home and no power issues at all. Got RAC out. Picture attached. 

they blocked off the EGR and all the lights went out on their own. 

thought I’d check my local main dealer. But they are saying £75 inspection first so they can make sure. In case it’s not the DPF.

Toyota are a little cheaper than my local garage. Not taking into account the inspection. 

is there a way how I can check myself. Or should I stay away from the main dealer. Buy the part and fix myself. And see if that works?


 I’m new to this engine so have no idea. I am tempted to replace the egr and refurb the old one as a spare. But don’t know what tools I need but can follow YouTube videos!


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  • Nutless changed the title to 2006 2.2D Update on my EGR terraclean

Save your money, Terraclean effects are short lived and will in no way shape or form improve your combustion process enough to offset the cost. It's easy to strip the EGR and clean it, but if the RAC blocked it off (not really legal to do) and it's running OK then i'd not be overly concerned. EGR blanking plates are a thing and they actually improve the running of your engine because you aren't feeding in exhaust gas to re-burn it, smoother running, better idle and a slight improvement in MPG should follow.

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Does it not create excess heat in the engine? I’ve heard this can be a thing. 

I’ll be honest. As we are locked down I’ve not gone anywhere near it at the moment. 

I’ll take it for a drive to see what happens tonight

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All the EGR does is put a % of hot exhaust gas back through the engine to be burnt again rather than fresh air, I can’t see an obvious reason why not doing so would increase the engine temperature in any meaningful way.

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