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Pulled off tailgate trim when stuck on New year's Eve trying to open boot

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Though there is one plastic screw keeping it together the other plastic screws seem to have broken off. Though I can still open boot  by pushing latch  button and squeezing my fingers at the bottom of the boot.

Maybe a hard as nails adhesive will hold the trim in place.   But the glue will not work in such cold weather.


Though my fault to use excessive force when the boot was iced to the car.


Any help would be appreciated, though these trims are hard to buy. The trim goes over the boot switch which still works.

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I don't know the Avensis boot layout but, these trims can sometimes be adhered with tape like this one (VHB - Very High Bond) from the 3M company:-


It's a fairly dense closed-cell foam tape (1/2 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm thick are available) which has a very strong adhesive layer on both sides.

It's not very cheap - there cheaper are alternatives around if you search!

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I have ordered the demanding services style, another buyer has used  this on car body parts. The trick seems to be to clean the surfaces. Maybe use a baby wipe beforehand, the temperature is around zero which is too low for the tape, so probably wait till spring starts but a little worried about rain and snow leaking under the trims. But registration lights are working which I checked yesterday.

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I happen to my old T22 when I had it. Somehow the screw fell out, and I didn't notice it until the trim came off whilst I was closing the tailgate. It took me a while to realise a screw was missing. Then I decided to look into the cause. Found the screw in the boot area and screwed it securely back. The screw was in the handle of the trim, and must have worked loose over time. The trim clips were fine. Maybe the fixing were the screw goes into has broken and needs replacing.


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