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Oxygen sensor and catalyst

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 My Avensis 2007 model AZT250L-AEPGK With engine type 1AZFE 2000CC 16VALV DOHC EFI.

Does not have oxygen sensor and catalyst coverter.

Attached are some pictures or am missing where it supposed to be?

Please I really need help because the fuel consumption is very high. 



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Can you please PM me your car's VIN

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Yeah, your car is produced to general market, thats why it does not have oxygen sensors and catalyst coverter! It's normal for these cars to have higher fuel consumption compared to EU models.

Have you tryed to clean the air flow sensor?

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Yes, I have clean it. 
I thought by law, every vehicle design after 1999 should have oxygen sensor and converter? 

I was getting 29 mpg on 100km road.

It is not showing any check engine sign.

Maybe I will just sell it and look for another Toyota car with good fuel economy, I am using it for Uber transport.
can you suggest any?  

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