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MK2 Steering Conversion Bits -------

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Am looking to convert the Aygo MK2 steering wheel in to the Aygo MK1 with the multifunctional, managed and was lucky to get all in picture below for £100 and the airbag is also new 😎👍 its been done before in another Aygo and a C1 and spoke to the owner who was really kind and very helpfull in explaining the diagram.. once completed ill let ya guys know of how to if interested!!

Cheers !!





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Nice, love mods like this, as you say think I saw pic of Mk1 C1 with one fitted, but no info on how it was done, so be good to see how it is done, good luck with it.

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Varies. Some models will have audio/bluetooth controls, some will be leather wrapped, some will be plastic, those models with TSS will have the lane departure button, etc. Depends on the trim level. All of the 2nd generation steering wheels will have a flattened rim at the base.


First generation.


Second generation - leather wrapped with audio/bluetooth controls.

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