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Have been using Estima for 10 years

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Hi folks I'm a proud owner of Toyota car for 10 years and still living its quality and reliability. Car is already 15 years and I did quite a major overhaul to keep the life span going. One major thing I faced is the headlights no longer bright. I scratched my head wondering if it is the bulb (I changed but still dull). And then I thought if it's some wiring etc etc. Some advised me to change the whole headlights because it could be the reflective surface but I checked and it's ok.

I finally ended across this thing from Boslla (US) and tried. I love it! It can fit into my old car. It has 4 lighting types (white and yellow) for different driving condition and the best is the lighting is back to full power. Some how it give my car lighting a fresh lease of life.

Just to share with everyone if you have lighting issue due to aging Toyota car. Try Bosla. I didn't try the China types cuz I believe China brand is inferior. I prefer something from quality controlled like Boslla that has warranty and good customer service support.

Here I am still a proud owner of Toyota with a new lease of life.

Toyota keep it going!

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If you have an old car with headlight not strong enough, this is highly recommended. 

My personal experience vouch for it. I'm a satisfied customer cuz I have high expectations not an improvement of 10 or 20%, at least more than 100%. My original light is really dim and gave vision especially when it's raining. This product fits well without modification at all.











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