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Front Arm Rest

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Hi All,

I have recently purchased a Yaris 1.33 2014 plate.

It does not have a front central arm rest, do any models come with this or is there an after market one somebody could recommend?

Not vital to enjoyment of the car but all my company cars came with a central arm rest which I find great for long journeys.

Enjoying the Yaris Form, lots of useful information on it and hope to be able to contribute in the future.



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I fitted an Armster, easy installation. Requires 3 x 3mm? holes drilling at the rear of the centre console. I couldn't live with it though, since sold on evilbay.

1. when in the upright position, wouldn't stay there! Only light braking would affect it's position. No means of adjusting the hinge friction either. I did contact them about that and received no help at all.

2. hinders access to the handbrake when horizontal.

The fact that it fixes to the centre console, also means that it is only as stable as the console which is not exactly secured very well. i.e. the console is only fixed at it's rear with one small bolt/screw, under the cupholder.

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There was a lomg discussion on this Yaris topic last year in which I took part. Typical I cannot find it.

The arm rest I recommended is easy to fit with no tools, well made, but not cheap. Had mine years. Go for the one with adjustable for and aft movement.

Search for Wood Company Italy.

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