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Aygo - Battery Query

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Hi everyone, 

I'm a new member and very fortunate to have found this forum - you'd think that working in the EV industry, I'd know that something like this exists for Toyota! 

So, simply put - my Aygo is a 69 plate, bought it brand new in October 2019, but I've experienced difficulties in getting it to start promptly ever since my purchase. Should I be worried, or is this normal? I know that the colder conditions will effect my car's Battery, but with it being so new, I didn't think this would be an issue. 

That in mind, I travel perhaps 7-8 miles a day during the week and the weekends perhaps 60 miles in total; guessing the short distance driving doesn't help? 

I feel a little silly posting on here about something that seems so minor, but I'm a slightly anxious driver at times after experiencing an almost fatal car accident back in summer 2019, it took me around six months to recover from my injuries and have my face back lol. So, anything that involves a car and driving gets me nervous, even if it is the engine not starting lol! 

Thanks for you help in advance, much appreciated 😊

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If you have parking near an electrical socket, you could try a charger that conditions your Battery too.  I have a CTEK CT5 Start/Stop that charges and conditions batteries including standard lead-acid, plus the AGM or EFB batteries found in start/stop vehicles.  They do a wider range of chargers though.

The charger can be used to maintain and condition a Battery if the car isn’t getting enough use.  I take mine out about once a month and top up our three cars.  The Aygo only takes a couple of hours as the Battery is so small, but this will always ensure that your Battery is kept fully charged.  It also extends the life of your Battery, as they don’t like being discharged to a deep level and this can be damaging when you try to use your car to charge a very flat Battery that has been jump started.

The key though is having access to a socket near your car.

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Your average mileage is more than sufficient to keep a Battery fully charged so you have absolutely no worries there.

If the engine is turning over fairly quickly as you try and start it then the Battery condition at least at a basic level sounds to be good. If the engine is turning over and over and not starting then maybe something is amiss but it would be very unusual and even more so on a Toyota.

So how long do you have to keep it turning on the starter for the engine to come to life?

Also does this not starting also happen when the engine is hot?





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