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Aygo Roof rack

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Toyota don't recommend a Roof Rack for the second generation Aygo, and don't provide a weight limit for fitting one.

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Too late Mike.

I ordered a Thule wing bar edge kit yesterday from The journey centre as they were £50+ cheaper than anyone else and it arrived this morning, they even added some extra matched alike locks for the bike carrier even though I haven't bought it from them.

I need to be able to take one pushbike of 11kg around with me, so I will get a bike carrier to match once I'm happy with the fit.

The Thule kit says Aygo 2014> max load 70kg, max recommend load 20kg and max speed 80mph.

I'll post a photo once I've done it unless it ends in disaster.

Hopefully its OK, I am dubious as the even the acorns falling from the Oak tree dented my roof within the first week I got it, so clearly the roof is made from the same gauge as recycled kitkat wrappers!.

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Well, my reply was posted within an hour of the post being started. Anyway your risk.

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It looks OK, and is pretty solid.

I'll put the bike on it next week and see how it goes.



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