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Tailgate locking mechanism jammed

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We managed to shut a canvas bag handle in the tailgate locking mechanism and it's now jammed. Is there any way I can access the locking mechanism to free it off? When I press the button on the tailgate handle the mechanism activates but the lock stays jammed.

Many thanks and fingers crossed. 

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Hi, I helped my friend on his IQ, he caught a tarpaulin into the locking mechanism a couple of years ago. The best thing to do is as follows which worked, but tread with caution as I accept no liability for what I propose below: 

  1. Get into the car using driver's door or passenger's door.
  2. Open the windows a bit to make yourself audible (see later)
  3. Drop the seats (small handles on top outer edges)
  4. Lay down on the folded seats gently.
  5. Take off your shoes so that your socks are present
  6. Shout and count to 3 with someone outside pressing the boot release button on the count to 3; and for you inside, and for each count to 3 push the tailgate with both feet firmly for around 2 secs placing both feet on each side so that the tailgate is given an even push.

The tailgate latch is quite a narrow piece of architecture compared to other cars that's why anything will get caught into it, if not careful.

I retried the above 3 times with my friend outside, and third time lucky for me, the boot opened.  I guess if this doesn't work; then it will be the case of taking the rear plastic panel off the inside of the tailgate and releasing the mechanism that way.

Hope this helps.


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Just followed your instructions and second attempt it freed off. Many thanks for the advice,behave a good afternoon. Peter

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