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Magnetic rod under bonnet.

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I found a snapped half of a magnetic rod under the bonnet of my 2010 Avensis, above the Battery area.

I check fluids frequently and also jumped started a car 3 weeks ago so know it was not there before without doubt. This thing stands out 20cm long, snapped at one end, magnet on other.

Ive had no work done on the car in that time else it might be a garage picking up a dropped bolt etc...

Any ideas? If someone was looking to get entry to the car, why a magetic rod there. There is a gap above each headlight that a rod can fit in due the soft seal.... but its all plastic engine bay covering. 





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Bit of an odd one that. I can't think anyone looking to break into the car would gain anything by poking a magnetic rod into the engine bay? Could it perhaps have been stuck somewhere and then fallen down to where you found it? I've found various tools in the engine bays of my cars in the past, including even an LED work lamp which definitely wasn't mine, and was trapped behind one of the plastic wheel arch liners.

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Yea, very likely left over from previous repair or since is magnetic can just been run over and found it’s way into the engine bay then stick there as plenty of metal. 

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