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Best places to sound deaden Aygo II?

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Where are the best and most obvious places to add sound deadening material to the MK2 version of the Aygo?

I’m imagining doors and the rear compartment - are there any suggestions?


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8 hours ago, Tel 2 said:

The Engine Bulk Head under bonnet is included too


Thank you! Are there any other good places to be recommended?

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Doors, boot floor, inside the rear arches

you don't have to cover the whole door around the speaker and a square behind it, a 150mm square inside the door (outer door skin) will dampen the vibration


I have had good results with Silent Coat 2 and 4mm mat, car audio direct used to do a spectrum sludge what was good to brush or spray in places that are hard to get to.  Edit. They do the equivalent CHP Extreme Paste now




Hair drier/heat gun

Sharp Stanley knife and spare blades (the Mat eats them)

A solid straight edge

A seam roller preferably a wooded one (Its nothing special there the same as a wallpaper seam roller)

Foil Duct tape - so you can tidy the joints and edges eg.https://www.screwfix.com/p/diall-aluminium-foil-tape-silver-45m-x-75mm/4415v

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i plan to do the metal cover under the wiper area...its quiet big and thin metal , i do wonder if engine noises echo from this 

other than that most of my noise seems to be from the front wheels , so will do inside the car around there next 

later cars have foam on the A pillars vs early cars did not 


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