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Camry running very rough after I won the IDIOT contest

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1998 Toyota Camry
3.0 V6 Engine
250K miles

It leaks quite a bit of Oil.  I drove it with low engine Oil and the Oil pressure warning light was on. I continued to drive it instead of stopping to add Oil (idiotic manuver).  After driving about 6 miles the engine stalled while I was idling at a stop light.  When I attempted to immediately restart the engine, the engine would not turn and I thought that the engine had seized as a result of the low Oil.  After sitting for a few minutes, I attempted to start the engine and it did turn (in a very labored/slow manner) and start.  It ran very rough but I drove it a couple hundred feet to a gas station where I got a quart of Oil and added it to the engine. I started it again and was able to limp home, about two miles.  The engine had very little power, a small fraction of what it normally had.  It barely accelerated at low speeds, but once I was up to around 30 MPH it ran better and had better acceleration...but the poor performance at low speeds returned after slowing down.
Here's the list of fault codes that it shows currently: 

-P0340 Camshaft position sensor A circuit bank1 or single sensor.

-P0172 System too rich bank 1P0300 Random/multiple cylinder misfire detected

-P0302 Cylinder 2 misfire detectedP0304 Cylinder 4 misfire detected

-P0306 Cylinder 6 misfire detected

-P0172 System too rich bank 1

Other than the notable Oil leak, the vehicle ran great prior to this event and exhibited no issues with performance/driveability.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you very much!

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I think you've answered your own question tbh. You continued to drive with low Oil and the Oil pressure light on. I would guess you have caused damage to piston rings/cylinder walls and the fault codes are all a manifestation of the now multiple issues caused by doing that i.e all caused by poor sealing of the rings due to damage. Quite possibly bearing damage as well.

Sorry it's not good news but this would be my take on what has happened based on what you described.



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You either seized it and/or it jumped timing at that age it may be time to let it go to the scrapyard or put a new engine in it, of course that depends on parts availability in your country

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