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Retrofit Rev Counter 2019 Aygo

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I can find many topics where this is discussed, but none describing the procedure or if it actually works.

I have bought a 55410-0H010 from Ebay and will try and fit it soon.

Off course i will need the odometer matched, maybe i will try to either move the rev counter part in to the old unit, or move the eeprom from the old to the new.

Any help how to take the old speedo unit out?

Or if anyone has tried this, any information would be appreciated!

Regards from Denmark


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  • Carsten Hjorth changed the title to Retrofit Rev Counter 2019 Aygo

The unit linked to is from the second generation (2014>) rather than the first (2005-2014) as per your profile - not sure whether it will fit as they are different instrument clusters.

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If its from a mk 2 it should fit a mk2 be aware there will be some variation between years - i assume your niece has the base car with no rev counter


Not sure if you can get to the screws behind the steering wheel or if you need to remove the airbag and wheel first




Aygo mk2 gauges.pdf

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