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2008 Aygo Horn stuck on

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Hi all

first post here, but hoping you can help.

My 2008 Aygo’s horn started blaring in the midst of the night a couple of days back and only way of silencing it was to disconnect Battery then pull the fuse.

I’m going to take off the front bumper tomorrow to check the horn itself then if that’s not the cause strip down steering wheel to see if any issues there.  
Does anyone know exactly where the horn relay is on this model? I’ve seen diagrams showing it either under the n/s headlamp - which doesn’t seem to be the case (as nothing there that resembles a relay box) or  on the rear of the fuse box but again no relays there - so any ideas?

Anyone else had same issue? Is this a common fault?  Not had the car long and aside from a flat tyre it’s the first issue I’ve had.



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Passenger side, under the headlight (see the vid) - iirc you can remove the lower air dam/deflector under the bumper to access it and the horn - IF you need to remove the headlight the bumper has to come off

power and control for the relay are fed from a shared permanent live


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Thanks for that vid, looks to be the later model though, can see no relay on mine

Anyway, took the car for a good drive this morning as it hadn’t be used for a while and then replaced horn fuse and re-tested horn - and all works fine!

Can only assume moisture in the fuse box or relay from it being sat for a number of weeks, which evaporated during drive.  Unless anyone has any other ideas?


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Thanks got the info.  Fingers crossed it won’t recur.  If it does I’ll dig that relay out.  

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