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All dashboard warning lights flicker and car stalls.

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I have RAV4 2015 model in Sydney.  Since some days while on drive suddenly all earning lights flicker and the car stalls in middle of the road.  I have to shut the ignition down and then after few seconds start the car.  There are innumerable explanations on the net but not useful, went to Ultratune and after 4 days of work they are exactly not sure when the problem might show up again.

Imagine urself on freeway or motorway it's dangerous.  Some say it's a software or electronic problem of the Toyota cars, toyota dealership here tells me they will charge $AUD 156 per hour to find the problem and then they will suggest repairs that would be extra.

I am attaching fee photos and videos, please do help as I love this car.








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I would check that the Battery connections are sound & that the earthing strap is firmly connected as a first and easy step. Next step would be a Techstream check for error codes.

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