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RAV 4 VVti 2000 petrol auto

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I have a strange question I have had my RAV for 20 years and I love her, she has been an amazing motor and a brilliant work horse, never been garaged and has never let me down. 111.000 miles on the clock with a full service hx.  However, inevitably I have a slight issue there is every chance I need a new catalytic convertor, which I have been informed may lead to my needing new sensors.  Sadly I know the car is not worth a great deal but I feel there are many more years of life left in the engine and the body work is good. This going to cost a considerable amount 'My question is do I spend money on her ?  I cannot find a car that I want to replace it with and if I do I would need to spend thousands.

  1. Should I replace the catalytic convertor and possibly the sensors (if needed)?
  2. Do I spend money in general? to tidy her up , could do with new window rubbers  and last week I broke the spare wheel cover so that will need replacing

Or do I bite the bullet, and let go

As you can tell I am very reluctant, to part with her , but thoughts am I mad?



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Lol, yes you are certifiably 'mad' considering changing your car cos your window wipers need changing lol!!

Only joking there I'd be all up for getting a newer better car when the bills start getting big, however I think yours could be the exception there.

It's a case of cost benefit analysis, how much and go easy to get another car at mo without much work needing doing to it, the 'emotional' cost and guarantee of provenance of your current car against the cost of getting your car back up to scratch, it doesn't sound like your car has yet got to the stage where everything's gonna fail on it shortly.

So, the question is why and how much will it cost to sort your cat/sensors out?

How've you come to the conclusion they need changing mot emissions fail?

Under normal circs cats don't fail and can be cleaned, even so you could probably shop around for a secondhand/aftermarket cat.

Similarly if your 02 sensors need changing its not a big job and you could shop around for cheaper replacement s.

Think you should get a proper diagnosis before hastily getting rid I reckon.

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I went through the same decision last year with my '04 RAV. It needed a new exhaust including Cat. I also couldn't find a replacement I'd be happy with and spent the 900 quid for the job.

I rationalized the decision by comparing the cost to the depreciation I'd be hit with buying a newer model. Assuming I don't get too many costly issues going forward then the old girl will likely hit the 20 year mark.

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Why cat replacement needed ? 110k miles for an older car seems like low miles and short town trips which can lead to problems with catalytic converter. I strongly recommend to buy some catalytic converter cleaner add to fuel exactly as on the label and take the car on a long drive motorway preferably at least 2 hrs without stopping, these can burn accumulated soot in the cat and sensors and your Rav be saved. 

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