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Oil filter query 2014 Auris

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We have a 2014 Auris with the 1.33 petrol engine, engine code 1NR-FE. I'm looking to get an Oil filter ordered online for an intermediate service. I'm getting conflicting advice as to which filter I need. Some sites show this filter as 04152-YZZA7 and others as 04152-YZZA6. Obviously want to make sure I order the correct filter - anyone know for sure which the correct one is please?



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Both filters are same, same size and spec, however the 04152-YZZA7  filter has a plastic peace included in the box that is used for draining an Oil from the filter prior to change, not sure is applicable on your case. You will need a special tool to undo the filter casing too., have you got one? Let see what others will say which filter to buy.  👍

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