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Aygo MK2 Genuine Bumper Protectors

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Just wondering if its worth putting some of these on my daughters 2014 Aygo for added protection.

Has anyone got them, are they any good and are they a four piece set for front and rear bumpers ?


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Hi Bobby,

I know that I still have a Mark 1 but if you click on my photo/avatar thing, over to the left you'll see that I fitted a pair of these:


They were £9.99 when I bought them and if you search on Amazon or ebay, I bet you could still find them at less than the £14.99 in the link.

They are still in place after over 8 years and still give me peace of mind.....Daft as it sounds, I have another set stuck onto the inside door card, on the elbow shelf as armrests and very comfy they are too.

All the best, Matey....Stay safe. :thumbsup:

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