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Radio and cigarette lighter will not go off

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When I stop the engine and remover the key on my 2012 Auris, the radio goes off for about 3 seconds, then reboots and comes on again.  The only other thing that seems to reactivate is the cigarette lighter.  These cannot be powered off and will drain the Battery if not disconnected.  I can turn the radio off, but it still stay lit with a Toyota media logo as per normal off mode.

Similarly if I lock the door it causes a turn off, then 3 second later restart.

Ominously, around the same time, central locking seems not to work, so I need to use key locking.

Any idea?

I had something years ago, where I needed the whole computer replaced because removing the key sent the whole dashboard into a constant restart loop, but this is different, everything else is staying off, just these two circuits.  Despite this being corrected, it repeated for a few days 9 months later then corrected itself.  Local dealer had a quick look but could not find anything at the time, though it was not faulting at this point.


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Electrical gremlins are hard to pinpoint, and you need a professional for that.

If you want to give it a go yourself, you can start by getting a wiring manual from Toyota, i think it's 3 euros for 1 hour access to documentation, you can save/print it. Then look if there is any connection in  the components that do not work.

Are you sure the central locking is not just a bad Battery?

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It could of course be Battery.  The other key I never use does not work either, it could be flat.  I thought it might be hit and miss for a while if it was purely a low Battery.  This was working at long range, and now completely dead, permanently, which seems a bit suspicious.  A couple of new batteries are already on order.

Odd thing is it seems to respond to the engine turning off, the door opening, the door being locked.  It seems more of a logic issue than a wiring one.

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