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Toyota Auris 2014 - Noise from the rear

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Hello community,

I recently bought a second hand Toyota-ceritified Auris (64 reg). It came with a 1 year warranty so hopefully this will keep me away from major expenses.

I recently flew abroad and left the car at the airport parking for about 5 weeks (over Christmas/New Year). Obviously nobody moved it, so it stayed there throught rain, snow and miserable weather. Upon return I was very excited to see again my Auris. When I tried to reverse, the car initially didn't move (probably the break pads got stuck) but after pressing the accelerator slightly it got unstuck. The issue is that now I can hear a noise from the rear axel/wheels. So each time the tire does a full rotation, there is a muffled clunk. But when I press the break pedal the noise intensifies and I can feel vibrations/hits through the pedal.

Would greatly appreciate if anyone could share if they have had the same issue. Should I be worried or there is a chance this will go away? I drove about 30-40 miles so far an it's pretty unchanged.

Thank you very much

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Yes, I have had this on many cars.  There will now be a raised rust 'witness' mark where the pads were sat against this disk.  This will go away with use, but with 5 weeks of rust it may take a while, especially as the back brakes don't do much work on these cars.

If you find a safe, empty stretch of road then you could gently apply the handbrake for a few seconds at a time to clear the noise.  Or, better, on that same stretch of 'safe' road, try a few hard stops.

If you can manage to park the car with the handbrake off if it is going to be left for weeks, then the transmission brake (P) will hold the car still, and this won't happen again.

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If the rust doesn’t go away after 100-200 miles you will need to dismantle the brakes and clean manually and lubricate the sliding pins on the callipers, this is also part of the regular maintenance once every 2-3 years alone with brake fluid change. 

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