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Toyota auris hybrid estate 2018 push start stop locking door problem

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Hi, I have a hybrid 2018 push start stop keyless auris estate. 

My problem is happening between 1 and 2 times out of 5 I'd say after I finish a trip. 

I will stop and put into park as normal and sometimes apply the handbrake and press the stop button. When I open my door it will give an audible sound and when thay happens it will not allow me to lock my car and will just beep like iv left my keys in the vehicle. 

But this is not every time I will do my next short trip and it will then work just fine. 


What are your suggestions and anybody else suffer from this problem? 

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Auris has multiple antennas around the car, that detect the location of the key. Could be that in your case, the one that is responsible for drivers side door is not working properly,intermitent connection, moisture, etc, so it's assuming the key is in the car. 

How do you lock the car when this happens? What is the audible sound, like sound from the car, a beep or something, or a mechanical sound, like some clunk, or something loose in the door? Next time you hear this clunk, go to the passenger door, and try to lock.

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Perhaps you had press twice unintentionally and set the car in ACC mode, that’s the only reason the car will refuse to lock and will sound it’s buzzing for opened door if your lights are set to auto and won’t let you lock the car. If you try noticed any lights on the dashboard when this happens. That’s my theory about it, happens to me too, that’s how I know. 👍

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