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Rear seat removal instructions needed for 2008 base model Yaris hatchback

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I need instructions for how to take the rear seat out of a 2008 base model Yaris hatchback. Unfortunately the rear carpet and the underlying pads are wet from a leak. So it looks like I will be forced to take out the rear seat to get the carpet and underlying pads up/out and dry. I have found instructions online for different Yaris models where the seats seem significantly different from what I have. Examples online I have found are for seats that are split and slide and have Torix bolts.

But the seat in this base model hatchback is not split and it does not slide: it is all one piece and does not move (slide). (This base model does not even have a rear windshield wiper.) Attached is a picture of the bolt attaching the front of the left side of the rear seat to the car floor. This bolt has a simple, common hex nut head. (This bolt goes through the area of the carpet that is wet). There is another similar bolt on the other (right) side. I can feel, but not see one or two bolts that are behind the seat.

QUESTIONS: Does anybody know where I can get instructions for removing the rear seat from a 2008 base model Yaris hatchback?

Is it a big, difficult job?

Any other tips will be appreciated.

Thank you,




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Update: I pryed up the front corners of the lower part of the rear seat and there is a star shaped bolt which I think may be a Torx E10 (external Torx) bolt under each corner (see attached photo) holding down the lower part of the rear seat. I measured the diameter of the top of this external Torx bolt and it is about 11/32 of an inch, which I think is consistent with an E10.

I am hopeful that perhaps I can remove these two external Torx bolts and the two hex bolts described in my previous post and get the carpet up and the underlying pads exposed without actually removing the seat. (It feels like the lower part of the seat cannot removed just by removing these 4 bolts, because the center of the lower part of the seat still seems to be secured in its center.)

Any comments or tips that anybody has will be appreciated.




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