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Connecting to the internet

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Hi, I've just taken ownership of a 2014 Hybrid Excel Auris and slowly been setting it up for myself.

Having set it up to connect to internet, every time I start car it comes up saying something similar to connecting to internet will charge for connection ( Im indoors its pouring with rain so not keen on getting soaked to check exact reading )

Is this basically warning me that connecting to Toyota internet through my phone may cost me via data. Or do Toyota actually charge for me to connect their car to the outside world each time.

I know its a silly question but thought I'd ask ( my mobile data can take the pain my wallet cant )

Many thanks



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Cost charge warning is jut warning for the possible data costs on your phone if you go over whatever your mobile plan allows, no charges from toyota.

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As above - it's warning that the apps and the traffic for the satnav can use mobile data from your phone. Think you can turn the warning off in the settings menu, certainly can on the later 7" Nav.

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