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Toyota Camry SV21 Overheating Frustration

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I have my 1990 Camry sv21 that recently overheated  due to crack in a radiator. I think, I drove the car around 5-6 kms after I found the temperature gauge is moving from centre to towards hot, but it automatically came at halt as I felt engine is becoming week when I accelerate  when I happen to go on an inclined road. I tow away to home and still lying as is. 

I had bought this car at 136k for $2800 and have been enjoying driving it for many years now. (though mostly for family and for shopping and some times for work when public transport not possible). I used to regularly service, but there was crack on radiator, a known issue, which I fix by radiator repair kit temporarily. I had bought new denso radiator but got lazy in replacing the same. But today when the car halted, I saw steam (mild intense) coming out of radiator crack (some new crack) and I found Oil leak. I again temporarily fill this crack by radiator repair kit again and started the engine just to test any other happening conditions. I saw there is no steam and no oil leak. but this time I saw coolant (I use water) is leaking near engine (near probably water pump). I am sentimental and emotions attached to this car. This is the only car I have and my only means of getting to and from any work. I want to keep the car, so looking for repair advise. I would like to hear from you all what your opinions are on other possible causes of overheating. What are some symptoms of this ? Is there head gasket issue or in cooling system other than engine like radiator or hose(s) or water pump etc ? Could it be the thermostat and distributor points issue ? I have not been to any mechanic yet, however I called two mechanics, they both said to bring the car to their garage and then they will advise (one advise on phone was to replace engine), so I am not sure. Do I have other options? I know that it will cost me anywhere between $300 to $1500 depends on the fix. However, I am wanting that  if I take the car to garage, it should come out in driving condition. I am praying that this type of issue is repairable . I am frustrated...Please help ! Thanks so much

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