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Anyway to disable the alarm?

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I tried to charge the flat 12v Battery on my 2017 Auris hybrid using a smart charger, before I started the job, I consulted a mechanics at nearby Toyota centre, and was told if the doors are unlocked, the alarm should be deactivated, but when I disconnected the negative terminal on the Battery, the alarm went off, at the moment, I had no way to stop it and had to leave siren to continue for 30 seconds! I have noticed the alarm status light (LED) always starts to flash (armed) after the power is turned off, and LED is still flashing as well when the doors are unlocked , this means the alarm system is always activated as long as the power is off,  even the doors are unlocked. Anyone has idea how to disable the alarm when the 12v Battery needs to be disconnected? or is it ok if I leave the Battery connected and use the positive terminal in the fuses box under bonnet to charge the Battery? if I can use this way like jump start, then I don't need to worry about the alarm. 

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The terminals under the bonnet are only for jump starting and not for Battery recharge., it’s noted in the manual. I don’t know about the alarm but you should be able to take it out and charge or just charge as it’s on the car. 👍

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There's a button up on the interior light panel which will disable the internal sensors. Turn the engine off, press the button before locking the car.

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