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Timed door relocking

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Looking for help. How do you disable my 2008 (trusty) Toyota Avensis from door re-locking?

I.E. you open the door to load up the car, and, whether a door is open or not, the !Removed! thing keeps auto relocking after about 30 seconds?

So, if youve opened on the driveway, then, taken your keys to go unlock the garage or house to load some things up, if you come back and stick your head in the car the alatm goes off because the doors auto relock if opened and then the car is not turned on by the key...one day this is going to happen and ill have shut the relocked door with the kwy on the seat and with my dog locked in or something.

This is the one thing that annoys me about this great ol car. Hoping for a magic way to stop it.

NOTE: This is NOT about the car doors auto locking when you reach a certain speed....my car doesnt ever do that. The trick wirh the ignition key and holding down thw door lock button for a  certain number of seconds does nothing to my door relocking problem.

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As far as I am aware, the doors auto lock themselves after 30 seconds, if no door is actually opened after remote unlocking. This happened with my old Mk1 '98 T22 Avensis, and my current T27 2009 '58.

Think of a few scenario's -

  • pressing the unlock button by accident 
  • unlocking the car, but distracting by something so forgetting the car has been unlocked
  • pressing the unlock button when locking the car

I see what you want, but it would need some programming needs carried out. I have Techstream, but I don't think there is a function to do the change.

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On 1/22/2021 at 12:31 PM, flash22 said:

Does your interior light work as it should ?

Hi flash 22. 

No! It doesnt always light up when you open the door....?

Thanks for replying. T

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I would have a look at the driver's door switch, corrosion or a bad ground (The switch relies on its screw for ground) that will cause locking issues

If in doubt fit a new switch

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