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2ZZ over rev - rebuild options

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I have a beautiful thunder grey Celica T Sport.

I've been out the country for a few months, but late last summer I overrevved the nuts off it (went into 3rd instead of 5th). It seemed ok for a while after, I had a nagging feeling it wasn't quite as sweet as it was before but wasn't sure if it was me being paranoid. Probably put a good 3-500 miles on it before I stared hearing a feint ticking. Long story short, it spun a big end bearing. It was piston 1 (nearest the timing chain). Crank was visibly scratched up.

Now I'm presuming the Oil pump is ok and it was just a moment of Oil starvation that caused my issue.

I've chucked a new set of bearings in just to make it mobile and it runs ok for the short time it was running. However it's obviously now parked up.

I'll be back in April so will want to start work on it when I get back.

Way I see it I have two options:

1) have the crank examined and if within tolerances regrind the crank with oversized bearings

2) use a new crank (rods would obviously also be looked at)

Apart from machining I'll be doing the rebuild myself.

I've read that you shouldn't regrind these cranks, but also read that it's fine. But I'm yet to hear a plausible reason why you shouldn't.

Now if I were to go for a new crank I'm seeing you can get rebuild kits a company in the middle east. Considering what is included it seems a very reasonable price (even with import duty) and they also seem legit. Kit here: https://bit.ly/3oeqMUy

Anyone had any experience with the above company or offer any other advice it would be appreciated. 

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