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Fixing a peeling coat on your Toyota

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Here are some steps you can follow if you want to fix your car's peeling coat at home.

1. Ready your working area
The best place to do this is in your clean and clutter-free garage. You should only have the stuff you need close by and keep away pets and children.
You should also purchase the clear coat repair kit of your choice. This should come in an aerosol canister with a clear coat formula as well as a few sheets of sandpaper with various grits.

2. Get your sandpaper
Ready your 1000-grit sandpaper. Rub it on the area where the clear coat is peeling off, in small circular strokes. Keep the pressure firm and steady.
After rubbing the damaged part, scrub beyond it and peel the coating on the undamaged area around. If the paint under the clear coat is still good, don’t scrub too hard and worsen the damage.
If the clear coat is already removed, you can skip this step.

3. The wet-sanding process
Use 2000-grit sandpaper and soak it in clean tap water for about an hour. Use it to rub the transition line between the good condition area and the peeling area. Smooth it out in small circles and run it along the area beyond that.
Dip your sandpaper occasionally in clean water and then rinse it.

4. Use solvent and alcohol on the damaged area
Apply alcohol-based cleaners to the area you sanded then use a paint prep cleaner.

5. Take a scouring pad to scuff the area
Avoid using kitchen scouring pads and steel wool.
Rub on the affected area with light pressure. Keep repeating the scrubbing motion until you get an even rough texture from the damaged area to the transition line.
Once you have the appropriate texture, use the solvent-based cleaner to remove little particles.

6. Tape to secure your work area
Get a clear, plastic tape. Tape some small pieces of your clothes and remove them to prevent the tape from peeling paint off the undamaged area.
Stick it to the area outside the transition line. You can use a plastic sheet to cover more areas outside the repair zone (at least twelve inches around)

7. Spray a clear coat on the damaged surface
Follow the instructions on the aerosol can and shake the canister before use.
After finishing the first layer, wait for five minutes. Some clear coat formulas may require you to use sandpaper (1500 or 2000-grit) every time each coat dries.
Wipe away dirt after sanding. Remember to sand each coating layer before spraying on a new one.

8. Remove the tape and plastic sheet
Leave the newly-coated layer overnight. Then tapes and plastic sheet

9. Finishing touches
To make the new area blend in, use 2000-grit sandpaper to scrub.
Then, use it with the polishing compound in the clear coat repair kit. You can use a motorized buffer to blend in the repaired area with the undamaged ones.

Have you ever tried peeling your car's coat at home? Please comment if I posted something wrong ☺️ Thanks, guys 🙌🙌

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