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2005 Avensis multi-function display

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Hi all

I bought a very tidy low mileage 2005 1.8VVTi. It seems to drive well but there is one flaw. The multi-function display is completely blank. There is no backlight, nothing whatsoever. Where should I start to find the problem? Could it be a fuse? If so where would I find it? 

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  • FROSTYBALLS changed the title to 2005 Avensis multi-function display

The LCD has more than likely died is it the top flip up one, the small one in the top of the dash or the heater controls display, standard factory radio ?

This is the standard one

eg. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-AVENSIS-MK2-CENTRE-AIR-VENTS-WITH-DISPLAY-SCREEN-TRIP-ON-BOARD-COMPUTER/265026884051?fits=Model%3AAvensis&hash=item3db4d551d3:g:ibYAAOSwMb5gDpPi

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flash22, yes it's that one. I know they're not expensive second hand but I was wondering if there was another possible common fault. I don't want the hassle of buying another one only to find that there is another known reason why it isn't working. 

Is it an easy item to remove? Do you have any experience of removing it? 

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