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Toyota Auris locking nut

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I bought brand new  Auris in 2018 

Last week I needed to change the tyre & called the TYREONTHEDRIVE company to change it for me but they couldn’t open the locking nut 

I requested the Toyota & they replace me with new set of nut opener 

today I called my local garage to Help me change the tyre  They tried but no luck.

I am wondering what shall I do 

is something wrong ?

has anyone had the same problem 

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Locking wheel nuts usually have a code on the box they originally came in and when the car is sold, often the supplying dealer puts the non-locking nuts that the locking items replaced, in the box and leaves them for the owner. It is usually best to put a note of the code in your service/warranty book. The code enables a dealer to supply the correct unlocking key for your locking wheel nuts.

Do you still have the box or has the supplying dealer made a note of the code for you? 

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For about £20 you can buy a locking wheel nut removing kit from Amazon and similar. Alternatively I have known garages to weld a piece of steel bar to the end of the locking nut and just spin it off. Locking wheel nuts are one of those pointless things that cause numerous headaches for car owners whilst providing very little protection against actual thieves!

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