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Toyota Aqua 2017 - Random button - please help

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mmm could be.  Seems weird that you can press it and a corresponding dashboard indicator comes up (same pic as the button).  One thought I did have was the Vehicle Proximity noise system to help blind people hear it coming - I tried it this morning and can't hear much of a difference.  Perhaps I have the James Bond version


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Wouldn't have thought the vehicle proximity system can be turned off, as the ability to turn it off defeats the object of having it. I think it is for turning the alarm's interior sensors off - ideal for when pets are kept in the car whilst the owner is away from the car. 

We've never had the Aqua/Prius C in Europe as an official import.

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When you drive slowly, and on electric power only, you can use that button to generate some noise, so people are aware of the car.


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