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Toyota ke70 battery light HELP

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Last week my toyota ke70 turned on the Battery light. First I changed the ic regulator but it did not go out, then I tested the alternator and saw with the car working only was measuring 12.65v then I changed the alternator and re-tested measuring between 13.60v and 14v but the light did not go out anyway, is it the Battery that is damaged?

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You want to look on Ytube where you will find lots of vidoes showing how to check the Battery , alternator and wiring with a simple digital multi meter.

For the age of the car, the wiring connections would have to be suspect, often just a simple clean up job,  and if the Battery is over 5 years old its likely well past it.

Don't forget the fan belt tension needs to be right for the alternator to work properly, is the replacement one new or second hand ?  if the latter has it been properly tested to prove it works at the correct output voltage ?  same with the regulator ?




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My first suspicion would be that the replacement alternator is not correct in some way, perhaps a different wiring configuration for the warning light.


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