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Toyota Carina 1998 lift back ABS Bosch 05010 pinout required

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I got a Toyota Carina 98 with Bosch ABS ecm number 05010, i need its pinout. As i am swapping a 1ZZ vvti engine in it. Its ABS is not working all wiring is intaked all sensors attached, relay and motor is tested for working. I just need this ECU pinout. So help me experts. 

images (14).jpeg

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People don't live on the forum please be patient

That part is for a carina E not a carina (uk built) 10/1994 - 10/1997

Edit. the document your after is EWD146Y

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Project update, i have swapped 1zzfe engine in the Carina e , engine has started but a new problem, it does not engage 4th gear ie over drive is not kickin. Anyone has an idea what cud be the issue, 

The engine is from 2007-8 Toyota wish, ecu has 5 terminals, transmission is ECT with 10pins connector.

Experts please guide me

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