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Can the Front left parking sensor fall off?

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Hi,I am new to the forum and was wondering if anyone can help me with some advice.

I have a 2017 Rav 4 Hybrid business edition TSS2WD automatic and so far the car was driving all right. Recently I parked in a tight spot next to some bushes. While reversing to come out there was no way for me to do so without scraping the other cars behind and to the right so I kind of had to go a little bit on the curb while brushing past the bushes. My front left parking sensor was beeping but I thought it was due to the bushes. On my way back I realised that the sensor was beeping whenever I slowed or stopped until I drove away again.

When I got home and was getting into my driveway the parking sensor again emitted a continuous beep even though nothing was blocking the car. Now  every time I am slowing or stopping, say at a traffic light, the sensor is beeping constantly until I drive again.

How do I disable the parking sensor until i can get it sorted and has anyone had a similar problem? The Toyota service say that the sensor is missing as I can also see a hole there. They are asking for £245 to put a new one. They didn’t even check if it was in there or something. Is it possible that a parking sensor can fall off like this? And is it supposed to be so expensive to fix this?

I checked online that the front parking sensor for RAV 4 can be bought from the onlinecarparts store for almost £28. Should I buy it and get it fixed by a local mechanic?Can someone please suggest what should be done as money is short. If somehow I am able to disable the sensor to shut this constant distraction from a continuous beep because I am hardly driving the car these days.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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The sensor was likely pushed in by the bush and is now hanging on its wiring harness inside the bumper and you will need to remove parts such as the wheel arch liner or bumper to access the sensor and see if just needs refitting or if parts are required to repair.

Depending on what type of sensors are installed there will be either a switch on dash usually to the right of the steering wheel with "P" on it or they are controlled via the settings in the multifunction display between speedo & power meter

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As Devon says it was probably pushed out by bushes and chances are it is lying still connected inside the bumper and is 'seeing' the bumper hence the constant warning when you slow down or stop. They automatically stop sending information through the infotainment system when moving forward and/or at sufficient speed to minimize driver distraction.  Ask garage to investigate and refit it for you.

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I don't know what sensors you have, but be very careful if it has the sonar sensors, these have safety features for park assist and proximity, don't be messing around if unsure 

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It does sound like your sensor is still working and was only unseated from the bumper. When I destroyed a rear sonar on mine there was a Parking Assist Malfunction error on the dash immediately.

You will probably need to take the front bumper off to inspect if there's any damage to the mounting clip or the sensor itself. If things go well then unplug the sensor and reseat the sensor from the outside of the bumper and re-plug the wire harness. The hole on the bumper should have a small cut-out that lets you push the sensor in at an angle.

Part numbers: Sensor 89341-42060-2B, Clip 89348-12020

This video might help with removing the front bumper:

PS. you can turn off parking assist in a menu with your steering wheel buttons

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After some investigation, the last 2 letters of the part number (89341-42060-2B) indicate the colour of the painted part. 2B is grey, you will need to check with your local dealer for the exact colour code matching your bumper.

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