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Check 4X4 System

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So, last Sunday while driving home the engine management light came on and a message read "Check engine system" and another message said "Check 4X4 system". Now this didn't change the driving of my Rav and I arrived home with no problem. The next morning I went to my car and it was showing the same messages. Later the afternoon I had to go to my chemist and the messages have cleared and the car is still driving as normal. I did phone my local dealer and booked it in for a diagnostic check at cost of £94. What I would like to know is, was this just a blip and would it be best to cancel this check over and just carry on and see what happens or take it in for the check? Your help would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


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Don’t know if this answer is going to help but I was going to buy a rav 4 T180 from a garage that I knew, but in the end I did not get it as I found one in the colour I wanted anyway to cut a long story short the one I was going to buy had the same problems as yours, It turned out that it was the fuel injectors and it was fixed by a diesel fuel injection specialist.

now why the check 4x4 light came on I don’t know they never got to bottom of that fault, I would still get it diagnostically checked unless the fault does not return.


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I got this with a blocked up EGR, which is a relatively simple thing to give a quick clean.

When I had a malfunctioning fifth injector I got a very smelly white cloud out the back, near smokescreen density.  Took months to diagnose and it wasn't Mr T who did so 😞 

Try the EGR (assuming your car has one?)

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