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Yaris not starting issue

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I have a 2016 Yaris 1.33 icon and last week one morning I went to start the car, foot on clutch all lights that should be on the dash were on, turned the key and nothing no sound anything. I waited a few seconds and tried again and it started straight away, this morning the same thing happened again but I tried to start it twice and nothing, locked the car on the key fob and then unlocked and it started and drove to work. Anyone else had an issue like this or any ideas what it could be.

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Immobiliser key not talking to the car as Flash said try the other key it maybe a low Battery or the ring around your ignition is a little coil that actually "reads" the key they break down over time.That dial that shows start position does an important job ,but try the simple first .

And if you or a friend has a COBD2 reader plug it in and see when it doesnt start up if a fault code is showing just to eliminate anything unpleasantly expensive atb

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Thank you both, only had the car 3 weeks and haven't a spare key yet as the garage needed to order one, I have just spoken to the garage as the spare key has arrived and I am going in tomorrow to have it coded and they are going to check the fault.

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