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Brake lights not working, failed MOT. 2003 SWB

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Hi guys

I took my 2003 rav4 for its yearly MOT and it failed as the brake lights dont work. Im not sure how how long this has been going on for but its pretty dangerous. Luckily there is a brake light that seem to still work anyway on the bumper.

My mechanic said he cannot fix it until next week and even then its not a straightforward fix meaning time consuming.


Wondering if anyone has anything I can try as I have quit a few days to fix it myself.





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Assuming you have changed the bulbs for the correct type and wattage next stop is fuse checks. Look in the manual. Next it is to look behind the rear light cluster to check wiring for corroded connections. If they are corroded (unplug and examine) clean them up with electrical contact cleaner and try plugging in and unplugging a few times to ensure a sound connection. Next get some one to press the brake pedal and check for voltage at the brake terminal plug (disconnect it to do this). Volt meters are cheap. Put one lead on rear brake +ve and one to a good ground. Hope this helps. Other than that it could be the brake light switch but as the bumper brake is working you can rule this out. Sorry if this seems like an idiots guide but I am not a mechanic at all, just stuff I have played with back in the day 🙂

This what you are facing pretty simple stuff tbh..



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