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RAV 4 Multi media capabilities/options

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I have a 2015 RAV4 Invincible that doesn't have SatNav. It does have a reverse camera. The head unit is a 510014(see photo)

Toyota want £870 to add that functionality.

Is it a case of swapping head units? That is can i simply change to a unit from an AYGO, for instance?

Is there an option to mirror an android device onto the car's media screen? I  ask as when I plug my phone into the USB connection, my phone says "phone is connected to your car via mirroring" then goes blank, but I don't see it on the car's system.

Finally does anyone know a tried and tested 3rd party way to mirror my phone to the car's system.

Thanks, Ian.


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The Aygo multimedia system (shared with the Peugeot 108/Citroen C1) is a completely different system to yours, which would be a Touch 2. The cost of adding the sat nav module would also include fitting the gps antenna.

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I’m surprised that you haven’t got sat nav on a top of the range rav4, I had a T180 rav 4 2006 and that had sat nav, to be honest I wouldn’t spend the money upgrading your vehicle to the Toyota sat nav as it’s not that brilliant, much better spending money on a decent Tom Tom which picks up mobile speed cameras the Toyota sat nav won’t The only thing is of course it’s not built in.


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